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Re: Re: Re: Leg/LowerBody Mechanics-Pure Speculation

Posted by: Shawn Bell () on Mon Aug 28 23:30:36 2000

Hi Jack and Tom,
> I think Tom and yourself know more than I about the golf swing. I gave it up after hurting my lower back on a wild swing.
> In golf a stable torso or axis of rotation during the swing is very important. Bad technique can be viewed as the axis moving (torso) or attacking with the upper body (no stabilization).
> This is important in the baseball swing as well, during the actual swing. Often hitters will break down the axis (upper body) and throw the bat head out or extend when timing isn't perfect. Often this results in base hits, texas leagers, ground outs, fly outs etc.
> For maximum bat speed the axis must be maintained throughout the swing, good timing usually results in hard hits and a few HR's.
> Does the axis rotate around the spine, front hip? Who cares as long as the axis is stable during the swing (no aggressive arm swings/upper body).
> While I do believe hitters can have a hard time trying to create bat speed without a stride. It is possible as long as there is freedom in the joints (rhythm). Thus, maybe this is what the stride provides, continuity in the swing (lower body).
> Isn't a weight shift desired in the golf swing as well? , before the torso and lower body becomes stable?
> Shawn Bell

I had to fix a few typing errors.



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