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Re: Re: Re: Discipline

Posted by: THG () on Sun Mar 16 17:54:48 2008

> i do not agree with the coaches who do this. After a bad throw or missed catch, the kids
> run or whatever and when they get back to practice, they don't want to run again so they
> are scared, very hesitant, and are afraid to make a mistake.
> I bet if you ask any player in the pro's if they are afraid to make a mistake, I bet you that
> they all say NO, 100% of the time.

Mike. I agree with you 110% with regard to your comment. But I also believe that as an adult especially in the case of a major league player, there are at least some who put on a front that they are unafraid to fail.

Different kids develop the mental make up. And it is up to the parent/guardian to instill the confidence when it is not their. And to your point the coach will more likely do what he feels is best according to his own personal experiences which may or may not help.
> > > 11-12 yr travel team. Coach disciplines bad throws or missed catches with laps or
> push ups. I believe in conditoning and also laps or pushups due to goofing off or lack of
> effort but never cause a kid misses a ball or makes a bad throw. Sometimes they spend
> more time with discipline then they do with practice. Am I new era wrong or somewhat
> correct.
> >
> > ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> > Georgia. Coaches have different styles which they believe to be effective. It appears the
> coach is trying to make the kids concentrate better. Thus the laps and pushups as a form
> of punishment so to speak. But the laps and pushups will also improve the kid's
> conditioning. So in effect there are redeeming qualities to that approach.
> >
> > Granted that coach is using his version of tough love. But some kids respond better
> when they know there are consequences to there actions. And though people are human
> and make mistakes, a team must raise its level of play in order to improve and or win at
> higher levels of play. Thus you have to look at sports as a game but also a way to teach
> that those who make the fewest mistakes while playin as a unit generally come out ahead
> and or prosper. It is not necessarily fair but how life works.
> >
> > As such, much of life is playing by the rules of the game you decide to play. And if you
> play, you should play to win. But everyone has to develop his own level of contentment.
> Some are more serious than others. Some parents live through their kids eyes and
> sometimes take the game to serious at the detriment of others. But that is not to say they
> are not trying to give their kid the best chance to be a winner. The key is to have fun and
> let sports be a stepping stone to being a better person. And if you happen to get a
> scholarship or play professionally that's all the better.
> >
> > Good Luck
> > THG


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