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Re: Causation for Hip Rotation

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Thu Aug 31 22:12:00 2000

>>>I was pondering whether or not you believed the legs control the hips? Or is it the hips the control the legs? A response will be greatly appreciated. <<<


First let me make the following point. --- A video review of the better hitters will show that although most may take a stride, their forward motion will slow to a stop and they come to full balance (no forward movement) before body rotation starts. This means that the body's linear momentum (weight shift) has also gone to zero and the body then develops angular momentum from rotation around a stationary axis. Linear momentum can not be stored - it is a product of a moving mass.

I bring this up because some believe that it is a forward weight shift of the body against a firm front side that rotates the hips. This would be a "body downward" movement where the hips control the legs. This could be a factor (though limited) for batters with an aggressive long stride.

I like a softer shorter step where the opposing action of the legs rotate the hips with torque. A "ground up" mechanic where the legs control the hips.

Jack Mankin


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