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Re: Re: Re: Re: Attn. Jack

Posted by: Jack Mankin (mrbatspeed@aol.com) on Sat Dec 20 22:16:48 2003

>>> Please don't use the bat on a rope example to prove that linear doesn't produce angular displacement. That is the worst example on your DVD. There isn't a player alive that doesn't rotate when they hit. The question is "what do the arms do" while the body rotates because as it rotates it will make everyones path look circular. A player that keeps the hands at the rear shoulder and rotates has a very tight radius. Those that let the elbows unfold as they swing create a larger radius. Both paths are circular.

So you can't just say because the path is circular that he's rotational. I'm a big believer in CHP, BHT, and maybe THT (not sold on THT yet). I believe the best swing has little arm movement forward. But, that is not what Arod is doing. In fact, his arms unfold at the elbow so much and so often that he has a definate downward swing path at initiation that levels out as the body rotates.

Jack, it's ok if Arod doesn't do what you and I believe in. Almost everyone else does! <<<

Hi Lamber

You are correct in say that most, if not all, hitters rotate during the swing. However, it is incorrect to think this results in a productive CHP. Very few hitters have the transfer mechanics that produce an efficient hand-path. Most students I have worked with thrust their hands toward the pitcher at initiation. That is why they can generate very little bat speed with the CHP training device (steering-wheel knob attached). I can guarantee you that Arod would make it sizzle.

Lamber, it is a pleasure discussing mechanics with you and I think we agree on the most important points.

Jack Mankin


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