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Re: Re: weightshift

Posted by: () on Mon Dec 22 12:58:50 2003

does or doesn't a good weightshift hitter rotate on a stationary axis? If he does, does that make it a rotational swing? Should the answers to both questions be YES, then what's a linear swing, but a poorly (delivered or conceived)attempt at either hip- driven rotational, or frontleg-weightshift method.
> >
> > And if weightshift, (like standard rotational) is also hip-driven, how could that happen "past center", which obstructs hip action in any back-leg rotational "bigleague" swing (as it's described here)??
> The difference is that forward movement has to stop as rotation begins. If you're drifting forward during rotation, you're bleeding power out of your swing.

a good weightshift-er won't be drifting, will have braked that shift into launch. A rotater's footwork is shoulders-wide or more, (weightshifter; appx shoulders or less) and by every description once past center has blown his ability to pivot hips. Whether or not he brakes past center he's no longer effective either as a rotater or w-shifter. So is he linear? If the weightshifter fails to brake, is he linear? I think probably both are "linear", but would rather just say it the old fashioned way; "Lunged!".

Is the object of this long exercise simply to acknowledge that batters have been/are being taught to lunge?


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