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Baseball vs. Softball

Posted by: Dave Curry (dccurry33@yahoo.com) on Sat Sep 2 19:41:35 2000

This sites' opening statement claims that the baseball swing and softball swing are basically the same. I'm willing to believe it if someone, from a physics standpoint, can prove it to me. In fastpitch, the speed of the pitch contributes to the power; In slo-pitch, one must generate his own power. I'm looking for someone who can differentiate from a mechanics standpoint how one must generate his own power. I have tried almost every different theory there is, so I will be able to discuss theories in-depth. This torque theory interests me, however, it didn't produce improvement in slo-pitch BP today. Therefore, I'm looking for further clarification. Will it help for slo-pitch if properly executed? All responses are welcomed. Thanks.


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