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Suggestions for Jack

Posted by: The Black Hole Lexicographer (Knight1285@aol.com) on Sun Sep 3 08:30:36 2000

Dear Jack,
I have read your site four times slowly and methodically, and commend you for your excrutiating detailed descriptions. Of course, after a period of meticulous analaysis, I have concluded that Hudgen's inside-the-ball swing is correct, though I also believe you both have similar rotation model, the only deviation being Dave model, in which weight shift occurs at the same time as rotation. In other words, there are striking similarities betwixt his and your model of the swing. For the transfer mechanics, I agree with Hudgens, though you may disagree (after all, it is a free country, and it would be a mockery of liberty not to dissent with philosophical arguments).

Nevertheless, your rotational model could be more complete. In other words, every time you talk about hip rotation in either Batspeed Research Mechanics, or Truisms and Fallacies, you argue that the 'front leg/knee rotates the front hip back towards the catcher at the same rate the back hip rotates towards the pitcher, which is also discussed in your Final Arc video, and Mechanics.

The problem is that you discussed hitting as a ground-up model. If this makes sense, then you will perhaps check your Mechanics sections carefully, where the pivoting action of back foot, and the action of the back knee are NEVER DISCUSSED.

Furthermore, on your video, you said the 'back hip turns toward the catcher' also, I'd check that mistake out.

Just my opinions.

The Black Hole Lexicographer


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