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Re: Re: Re Jack, stride steps

Posted by: Joe A. (Mgtsupport@AOL.com) on Tue Sep 5 13:01:49 2000

>>>I'm a little confused about the stride.
> Does the knee and shoulders rotate inward first and THEN stride and bring the hands back, or is it all in one movement? <<<
> To who ever you are,
> I will assume you are talking about some fast pitch game, baseball or fastpitch softball.
> You will find different theorys about the stride. Some want it to be separate from the swing. They recomend you do it just before or as the pitcher releases the ball. After the stride there is a short pause and the batter starts what ever cocking motion he uses. Pushing the bat back, a small turn away from the pitcher, then the hips start the move toward the ball. It varies.
> Others teach that the stride is the first part of the swing. The stride happens first followed immedately by the cocking motion. Its part of the swing. They teach this because they see many pros do it.
> If you are teaching younger kids, under 18, don't teach it this way.
> The pros do it because they are stong and quick enough to do it. Most kids are not. So, teach the stride with a pause before the cocking motion.
> Make the stride short. Its only a timing mechinisim for those us use it. Actually it can do more harm then good. It adds nothing to the swing but it can cause a movement that is harmfull to good hitting. But, some kids get in the habit of doing it and its hard to break. So, if you can't keep them from doing it, limit it a minimum. Try having them pick it up and putting it back in the same place.
> Joe A. <<<
> Hi Joe
> Thank you for a good and helpful post. Joe, it makes no difference whether I agree or disagree, a thoughtful post is a good post.
> Jack Mankin


Your not playing me, are you?? I always make thoughtful posts. I just wrap them in statments that some do not find to their liking.

I don't apericate you deleting my comments. Does the frank exchange of ideas you talk about have to conform to your requirements?

Plus, I think its not in the spirt of a free and frank discussion for you to imply that some thing I say is wrong therefore you dont agree but not state the nature of that disagreement.

Joe A.


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