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fine example....

Posted by: Teacherman () on Sat Feb 21 20:19:40 2004

> Grow up. Nothing he said is untrue. If it hurts take stock and open your mind. <<
> Doesn't hurt me, Teacherman. Nothing in those posts are directed toward me, but the arrogance is apparent. There's a big difference between truth and disrespectful behavior! Obviously, I'm not the only one who feels this way.
> It is possible to communicate with people without disrespecting them. I enjoy reading all views, but don't enjoy seeing other posters opinions and views looked down upon.

People who are REALLY searching for the "holy grail" are not distracted by someones delivery or personality. Don't like it.....maybe. But keep one from listening.......not if you're really hunting for answers.

Many of you are afraid of success. You always have a reason for discounting information. "I'll go into business when the time is right"...."I'll jump in the pool if the temp is right"...."I won't listen to this guy because his personality offends me".

It is your right to use these excuses. But please realize what they are. Excuses.

There is no way that someone who has a burning desire to learn and to learn NOW will let flimsy excuses stand in his way. It's ok to be offended. But how can you let the knowlege pass by because you can't put up with the offensive personality. You really can't bite the bullet and "deal" with the personality until you've gotten the information? Then you really don't want it. Stop kidding yourself. You're a groupy. It feels good to be a part of the group. Your "someone please edify me" mentality keeps you from being a player in the game of hitting instruction.

Do you only want to learn if the presenter says things that make you happy? Do you only want to learn if the circumstances are perfect? Do you only want someone who will tell you what you want to hear? Can you not hear what you're saying?

If you can't see this, then you've never had a goal that eats at you and demands that you do all that is possible to get it. And, if you've never had that kind of a goal, you're missing one of lifes greatest rewards.


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