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Re: Style vs Absolute

Posted by: J Caraboa (jccabo@comcast.net) on Sat Mar 29 11:38:25 2008

Dear Mr. Mankin..
I appreciate your efforts here to educate baseball players and enthusiasts. After reading your position on the principles of Rotation, Torque, CHP(centripetal force through the point of contact) and The Double Pendulum.. I find myself in total agreement. In fact, I believe the advantages of these principles are inescapable.
As a member of the MSBL Hall of Fame in Tucson.. an 8 time All-Star and team MVP.. I played center/left field/SS for our 1997 World Series Championship Team.
I began applying roughly the same principles 3 years ago while coaching/training my son's Little League team. Our success revolutionized our local league. As a team, we hit .372.. and that was with 2-3 kids who just didn't have the athletic ability and/or discipline necessary to be successful.
On a team where NONE of the kids involved had ever hit a home run before, we had 8 different kids hit home runs. To be sure, some of this was due to their physical development and growth, but most of it I attribute to proper training. The other teams players all grew and developed, but we out homered the rest of the league combined by a 3 to 1 margin!
There is one additional.. and absolutely critical element to the 'approach' I taught... and one key ingredient.. or training strategy that developed rotational mechanics over the course of the season.
Thanks for your time and effort here.

FWIW - Our 2006 Astros Little League Team finished 22-4.. the best winning percentage in the history of the league.


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