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Re: Poor timing

Posted by: rql () on Sun Mar 30 19:46:09 2008

> I have bee noticing an extreme drop off in my timing, and it isn't just off-speed pitches. I mean i can get the bat around it's just i get so out in front that when i adjust at the plate, i seem to loose all of my power when i try towait just a little longer before I launch my hands. I have tried loading more "quiet and early" as my private instructor said, so that i can fire my hand whenever i is necessary depending on the speed/type of pitch. It just seem like whatever I do it just doesn't help my timing nad it continues to get worse and worse, although I am seeing the ball fine, and when i actually get my timing right i can get the ball to go a long way
> Any advice?
> Thank you very much for your time
Read the thread I wrote timing the mechanic,think about your pitch selection and instead of firing the hand fire the hip rotate it with good quick connection,hit the ball the other way when your early but hard it will help you find your timing,say to yourself, let the ball come to me


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