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don't give up!!!!

Posted by: grc () on Mon Sep 18 15:40:44 2000

> > Man are you missing the point. I have not seen one post that has demonstrated to me that any one on this site knows more than me.
> >
> > Orginally I came here to learn. What I found out is that I know more then most.
> >
> > My giving up is not my loss, its everyone elses.
> >
> > Joe A.
> Whew!
> Joe, you are either pulling our legs or you are the most pompous individual I've ever corresponded with.
> I suggest this time you really go bye bye, just like I hope Alec Baldwin does.
> joe a.....i'm sorry to hear that you are going to stick to your decision to give up....but, of course, if it's true that you know more than the rest of us, then i suppose that your decision to move on is the correct one....good luck to you....i'm sure that you will be highly successful in whatever endeavors you persue......saying good bye with nothing but the utmost admiration & respect that you have earned, GRC.....


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