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Re: Poor timing

Posted by: FiveFrameSwing () on Mon Mar 31 06:45:14 2008

> I have bee noticing an extreme drop off in my timing, and it isn't just off-speed pitches. I mean i can get the bat around it's just i get so out in front that when i adjust at the plate, i seem to loose all of my power when i try towait just a little longer before I launch my hands. I have tried loading more "quiet and early" as my private instructor said, so that i can fire my hand whenever i is necessary depending on the speed/type of pitch. It just seem like whatever I do it just doesn't help my timing nad it continues to get worse and worse, although I am seeing the ball fine, and when i actually get my timing right i can get the ball to go a long way
> Any advice?
> Thank you very much for your time

I'm sort of surprised that your instructor's advice of loading "quiet and early" didn't help.

Many times when a kid goes into a slump I find that having them stride earlier into their ready position (toe-touch) helps.

Game footage of your swing in action would be helpful.


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