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Re: Please Help - Timing Issues

Posted by: Tom Ballard (sportdad@optonline.net) on Sat Apr 3 19:59:38 2004

My kids had the same problem. Here are a few tips i use. When he wants to swing; have the player count aloud 1 and/or 2. Before he swings. Adjust according to his timing. The other is when you are at a batting cage or if someone is giving soft toss, tie a long string to his waist or pant loop and stand behind the backstop with the string thru the cage/gate. Have him stand in the batters box. Then have him shift his weight slightly forward. Pull the string taught and hold at that point hold onto the string. When he goes to shift to early; pull back slightly and he will start to understand the feel of the shift. The last is to take a wide chock, door stop, and put it under his lead foot. As he goes to swing the chock will force his shift not to slide to far forward.


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