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Re: Bat speed consistency

Posted by: andy () on Mon Apr 12 10:56:19 2004

I purchased The Final Arc CD and have been working diligenly with my sons on rotational mechanics for about a year. Their swings look picture perfect, and they are generally hitting the ball with good (occassionally great) power and consistency. The issue is this: I bought a SpeedChek portable radar detector last winter to clock their bat speeds, and the inconsistency really bothers me.
> My 12 year old can take 20 swings, with three or four in the range of 65 mph, three or four from 58-64, six or seven 50-57, and the rest between 45-56. My 14 year old is the same way, although his bat speed tops out at 70-72 mph. I can't see any perceptible difference in their mechanics between a low speed and high speed swing. The radar is working fine (my swing speed with the same bats they use is consistent). What can I do to get their bat speeds consistently hitting the high end? Any advise, Jack? Thanks.

That speed check radar is what's not consistent. It picks up the speed at different points of the swing sometimes. I can take the same swing, with a baseball bat or golf club, and occasionally get a 20/30 mph difference. The next time he swings at 65, then at 40, listen to the sound of the air, there probably won't be a difference. It's the machine. If it picks up your swing consistently,but not your sons, I believe that's because it's accuracy depends somewhat upon the angle and rhythm of the swing.


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