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Posted by: Shawn () on Fri Apr 16 13:00:51 2004

Hi Jack,

I think I understand your definition of linear vs rotation. While watching baseball I can now see hitters who drive the hands (knob) forward at the pitch. This can be seen at the ML level and I think it would be interesting to find such hitters and look at their power numbers.

While I never agreed with your focus on the backswing, we can agree on hitters who hands stay back and they rotate to the ball. These hitters don't drive the hands forward towards the ball, they rotate to the ball.

The forces exerted by the hitter determines the swing taken. One has some linear or hands coming forward a good distance without much arcing, the other exerts forces in a rotational fashion while keeping the hands back.

I don't think one needs to master exerting forces rearward, as much as just learn to rotate (swing) to the ball. Someone who can check swing with the hands at the front side is exerting linear forces to the bat without much arcing.

I think most of it comes down to being more rotational with the swing, hands back, like Barry Bonds. The forces will then be more rotational and therefor the transfer mechanics will be more rotational.



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