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Re: More Nyman SIMS

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Fri Apr 4 10:07:01 2008

>>> I would also be interested what you think of these recent simulations where Nyman measures, among other things, CHP/ball on string/longitudinal force/tension (up to 300 lbs). How do you think this force might change/vary with active handle torque ( at the wrist hinge) applied throughout the swing ? <<<

Hi Tom

I agree with Daw’s assessment, it sounds and looks like “the blathering incoherence” of someone with little understanding of torque principles. It is obvious to some of us that the application of torque at the handle during the CHP greatly increases the angular displacement rate of the bat. Why this basic physics principle is so hard for some to accept is beyond me.

Tom, I have read with interest your attempts to enlighten readers of other sites of the value of applying torque to increase bat speed. However, if they cannot understand the simple concept that just rotating the back-forearm (torque) as the elbow lowers during initiation induces added angular bat displacement, there is little hope your attempts will fall on open minds.

Jack Mankin


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