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Re: High and Low pitches

Posted by: BHL (Knight1285@aol.com) on Fri Apr 16 21:29:41 2004

I have reviewed quite a few prior posts and have not been able to find any discussions regarding hitting high and low pitches. I'm sure these discussions must be here somewhere. Is there a search facility on this sight? Also, the Final ArcII video does not seem to address this topic either.
> Are there 'best way' techniques for hitting high/low pitches with the rotational method? I believe there was a brief reference somewhere to adjusting the angle of the hitting plane, but what are the specific mechanics for doing this?
> Thanks much
> Rocky
Hi Rocky,

Thanks for the kind e-mail. If you have any problem locating another post, do not hesitate to contact me again.

BHL (i.e., Geoff)


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