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outside pitch? or is it really more complicated than that!

Posted by: Dave A () on Sun Apr 18 18:16:24 2004

I was just sitting here reading all of these posts about pulling outside pitches. Of course you acheive a slightly increased bat speed on outside pitches so most would think it would be more beneficial to pull the pitch.

Well have any of you really just thought about WHY professionals hit the ball the opposite way? It doesn't seem like this has been addressed in the right way. If you are in the box against the Big Unit and you are away he has a plus fastball and numerous offspeed pitches, then how are you just going to expect to go up there and pull everything. If you are thinking fastball and you get offspeeed but you are able to wait back because you know how to go the opposite way, well then you can be a successful hitter at the next level.
If you are sitting to pull a 98 mph fastball and you get a changeup on the outside corner... well all I have to say is good luck.
Bonds does hit the ball the opposite way when the situation calls for it. Its just that most of the time he is smarter than the pitcher and he gets into fastball counts more often than not so he can sit on a fat one and try to rip it out in right or center.
There is a lot more to take into account here than just batting mechanics with hitting the ball the opposite way or pulling it. This isn't BP, the guy is trying to get you out ;).


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