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Re: Re: Re: hitting an inside pitch

Posted by: carlos (elarabe76@hotmail.com) on Fri Apr 4 18:42:54 2008

> I find the only way to hit a inside pitch is tobring ur hands closer to ur body, like today in my game i had one "in on my hands" and in-side outed it to right field...whatever works huh
> > Hope i helped!
> > Troy troy...i agree that in some cases the ball can get in on you to quick and that as a defensive tactic you can bring the hands in and "inside-out" the ball to the opposite field........but let's be clear about one thing: this is not the IDEAL way to hit an inside pitch, at least for power...believe me, mcgwire dit not hit 70 homeruns using this technique.....to hit the inside pitch for power, (1) you have to contact the ball in front of the plate (2) the bat angle needs to be aprox 30 to 45 degrees and (3) your hands need to make a semi-circular path (which precludes using fence drill mechanics)....


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