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Re: Attn: Tom Guerry/or other softball guru's

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Fri Sep 29 12:39:09 2000

>>>I am an avid slo-pitch player. My question is in reference to the launching position. We can agree that between the "Weight Shift vs. Rotational" philosophies that the "Rotational" style is supposed to be the one that generates more batspeed (power). The "Weight Shift" launching position is one that has the lead arm extended totally straight back towards the catcher, stretching the arms out, (rear arm slightly bent), leaving the hands in a position way behind the body. In contrast, the "Rotational" launching position is one that has a bent lead-arm extension "wrapped" around the chest with the hands being close to the body (next to the rear shoulder). Here's my dilemia. When I swing at my batspeed meter, I generate much greater batspeed with the "Weight Shift" launching position than I do with the "Rotational" one. This is exactly the opposite of what should be happening. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave. <<<

Hi Dave

How things do change! So now with "Weight Shift" mechanics, the straight (or barred) lead arm is good and it's the "bent" lead elbow that's bad. That will be a dilemia for many weight-shifters. -- Dave, I have always said the lead arm should remain fairly straight throughout the swing (at least through contact). As you stated, at the launch point the batter may like to have some flex in the lead elbow. But during initiation it will straighten to accelerate the hands perpendicular to the balls path. That is what generates a circular hand-path.

PS: When (or where) did you reach max bat speed?

Jack Mankin


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