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Posted by: () on Fri Sep 29 15:41:20 2000

>>>you bring up a good point and response to the last question. but doesn't bat angle play a role in driving the ball the other way. aren't most home runs pulled or hit middle to pull fields because the barrel travels longer and has more time to accelerate than on outside pitches? i was always under the impression that the farther the ball is away from the hitter, the deeper one lets the ball get in the stance. it is harder to hit home runs the other way because the barrel never has a chance to accelerate or get to a speed as it would on an outside pitch. if the hitter continually attempts to get the bat perpendicular to the path of the ball, wouldn't this eliminate any balls hit the other way? <<<
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> > Hi tjs
> >
> > Your right, with pulled balls the barrel does travels longer and has more time to accelerate. This is why almost all home runs hit with "quick hands" or extension mechanics are pulled inside pitches. The bat is accelerated length-wise (knob first) during the first part of the swing and maximum bat speed is not reached until the bat has rotated 20 to 40 degrees past perpendicular.
> >
> > By applying torque from the initiation of the swing, the rotational hitter generates good bat speed before the bat reaches perpendicular. He can hit an outside pitch straight-away almost as far as he can pull one inside. --- On most pitches the rotational hitter makes contact 8 to 12 inches farther back in the swing than the extension hitter. His back arm is far from being extended at contact. It is still in the "L" position. So the term "let the ball get deeper" has much more meaning to the extension hitter.
> >
> > No, I don't think attempts to get the bat perpendicular to the path of the ball, will eliminate balls being hit the other way. Even a great hitter looking for a curve but being server one at 96 is not going to get the bat perpendicular.
> >
> > PS. just another thought regarding "quick hands": As the hands are extended further and further toward full extension ... is the swing getting shorter and more compact??
> >
> > Jack Mankin
> >
> > jacj....i am totally confused & i share tjs' concerns.....i hope i can articulate my quesion in an understandable way, and please bear with me, for the notion that a hitter other than a mcgwire-type can pull an outside pitch with authority is difficult for me to understand......if i swing at an inside pitch i will contact the ball on the "outside" part of the ball specifically about 1 1/2 inches left of center ( i hit left handed).....the ball will be contacted about 20 inches or so in front of the plate & the bat angle wil be aprox. 30 to 45 degrees.....now if i contact an outside pitch 20 inches or so in front of the plate in order to pull it, my top arm will stretch so far away from my body that i won't have anything left in my swing....it's hard to explain but it's a physiology thing....hitting an inside pitch doesn't require the arms needing to "reach" because you are already rotating in the direction of the ball....but an outside pitch , if hit in front of the plate requires "reaching" which disipates power....now if you let the ball get farther in (which i think you should), if instead of hitting the ball on the "inside" part of the ball (which i also think you should), if you instead hit the ball on the outside part of the ball in order to pull, you will almost end up having to "cast" inorder to make the bat "go around"....pardon my confusing question....i told you it's hard to articulate what i'm trying to say....i hope you can make sense of it and address my concerns.....(and anyone out there who knows exactly what i'm trying to say & can rephrase the question better, please feel free to do so....respectfully, grc..... GRC I USED A BUCKET OF BALLS TO TEST YOUR CONCERNS TODAY IN MY W.O.ICANNOT REACH A BALL 20" OUT ON AN O.S. PITCH.MY FRONT FOOT IS 14"OFF THE PLATE AND IN LINE WITH FRONT OF PLATE NO STRIDE.I CAN HIT THE O.S. PITCH AT THE FRONT CORNER OF THE PLATE BY JUST SPINNING BUT HERS HOW IT FEELS.AS I ROTATE I BEGIN TO TORQUE THE BAT WHEN MY HANDS ARE ABOUT EVEN WITH MY BACK SHOULDER .THE ELBOW HAS ALREADY COME DOWN AND THE BARRELHEAD IS FACING THE CATCHER SOMEWHAT AND THIS IS WHEN THE EXTENSION SEEMS TO COME IN.I FEEL A DEFINITE HOOK ON THE END,IT REMINDS ME OF HOW I SEEN LOCKLEAR FOR THE BRAVES SWING.IT DOESNT FEEL RIGHT FOR ME AND DOESNT LOOK FLUID ON HIM BUT MAY BE EASIER FOR A D. STRAWBERRY TYPE . IF I INCORPORATE THE SMALL LINEAR MOVEMENT WE SEE IN NOMARS HIPS BEFORE ROTATION I CAN HIT THAT PITCH MAYBE 4-6" INFRONT OF THE PLATE.IT SEEMS LIKE ALOT OF ROOM FOR ERROR,1ST TIMING MUST BE PERFECT AND IF YOU TOP IT A LITTLE YOU ITS RIGHT TO 2ND AND IF YOUR JUST UNDER IT A HAIR YOULL HAVE TO BE AWFULLY STRONG TO REACH THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL.THIS IS ONE AREA WE MIGHT NOT WANT TO TEACH THE AVG. KID TO DO JUST BECAUSE SOME PROS CAN AND DO OCCASIONALLY.I WONDER HOW MANY TIMES THEY MISS A SOLID HIT WITH THESE MECHANICS.


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