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Re: Re: Inside out swing

Posted by: Tom (Caveman7@Prodigy.net) on Mon Oct 2 13:15:06 2000

> Thanks for the info.Could you please explain more about what you mean by push/pull?
> Thanks.
For me the push is the top hand starting first, relative to where the ball is traveling and inside and the pull starts next. What we try and teach is that if the bottom hand starts the swing you are more likely to open your shoulder and let the bat head drop. If the bat is behind the head or (wrapped) or the the front shoulder twists towards the second basemens position as a right hander, you can not push effectively and the swing breaks down. For us keeping the eyes and head on the ball and tracking it properly is critical to a good swing. For me it is easier to push a car than to try and pull it. It makes sense to push the bat to get it started than to think pulling it. If you try and teach the hips start rotation prior to the hands the kids will start letting the front shoulder release early. In the begining it is easier to have them think hands then hips and then let timing take care of itself as they progress. In my opinion everyone tries to make this too complicated and scientific...hit the ball and have fun!


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