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Top Hand Torque and Alex Rod.

Posted by: Frank (fbguru01@aol.com) on Mon Apr 26 09:05:48 2004

Jack, you mentioned that it appeared that AROD may be taking his THT back in too vertical of a position causing some binding and other flaws.

You also mentioned that George Brett is a good model for kids.

What I'm trying to understand is what you mean by a vertical position. Does that reference where the bat starts from or just where the bat is being pulled back from?

In other words, is it bad for my son to be wrapping his bat back towards the pitcher somewhat before he pulls the top hand back? Where did Brett start his bat, did he have a slight wrap, more vertical or was the barrel facing more towards the catcher at the start?

I just want to make sure I understand this as my kid slightly wraps back towards the pitcher but his THT pulls back towards the catcher.


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