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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: It's just a turn

Posted by: grc () on Wed Oct 4 20:06:28 2000

I hate to criticize Dave, he's a knowledgable guy, but I think he's being pretty close-minded on this one. But come to think of it--I've never heard him credit anyone with a good thought. On the other hand, I've heard both Paul and Jack do this many times. I still frequent the site, even though the level of analysis is somewhat lacking. I do this because I still realize I can learn something from almost anyone.
> Reminds me of the days of old when you were labeled a heretic for believing the world was round. I feel there are many who get to a certain level in something (like baseball or science) and then settle back proud in the feeling they are experts.
> I got like that about computers once because I was in on the early years of the internet (when all we had was telnet and FTP--no web). Later, after you thought you knew it all--you'd feel a certain amount of animosity toward someone who came up with something that shook your current knowledge base. But in reality, nothing is ever as concrete and there are almost always better ways of doing anything.
> tim...the days when people thought the world was round were before my time but i'll take your word for it (about people being labeled heretics).....anyway, i fully agree that even the pros can always learn something new & i'm glad that jack and paul recognize this....& if you think the analysis at hitting.com is not as in-depth as setpro & batspeed, try eteamz.com.....they are so lightweight i haven't been there in about a year.....respectfully, grc.....


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