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Re: TC2--A Clarification

Posted by: TC2 () on Sat May 1 07:33:01 2004

> > Hi TC2,
> I went on a trip, and apologize for being tardy with my response. If you have ready my post carefully, you will notice how it recommends combining Epstein's lower body mechanics with Jack's upper body mechanics. When synchronized carefully, the batter will find that once the front heel touches the ground, the hips rotate, assisting shoulder rotation, which in turn, cause the hands to rotate around each other. In the end, the bat-head arcs in a manner that will allow it to strike the ball with great velocity at collision.
> Sincerely,
> Knight1285@aol.com
> P.S. Mankin, in his absolutes, argues that "no matter how a hitter uses his legs, he will rotate around a stationary axis."
> As far as Epstein is concerned, his lower body "cues" great for attaining the best lower body mechanics, just as Mankin's "cues" are great for attaining the best upper body mechanics.
> I am not trying to compare the two gurus.
> It is important that people understand what I am trying to do: combining the teaching of two rotational instructors that will provide the best results.
> >
> >
BHL if you read my post and more importantly- if you "saw" with your own eyes the clip I referenced from Epstein's site then you would respond to the contradiction caused by one guru stating something to be "de facto" when "in facto"...it ain't! And you call it "brilliance" when IMO I think that is a bit overboard.

Instead you opted to throw your own curveball and linguistically skirted the issue I originally addressed?
Please, if you could, come back and "say" something in more "user friendly" terms about what you "saw" with your own eyes not what you choose to poetically write about it?

> >


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