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Re: Throws right, bats left questions for RQL

Posted by: () on Fri Oct 6 18:58:25 2000

It has nothing to do with you son throwing right and batting left. I am the #4 hitter at my high school and I pull the ball all the time. It has to do with his mechanics.He has to get the bat head out front.

I followed your thread of a few weeks ago with interest. My 12 year old son is a very good example of this as he hits predominantly to left and left-center and tends to hit grounders to the right side.
> Can you give details and specifics of how you built up your left side strength and balanced your top hand action in your swing.
> What exercises? Weights? You mentioned one-handed swings. What else?
> We have already gone out and worked some on finding the contact point for hitting to the right side. This will be our winter project so I want to do it successfully.
> Thanks.


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