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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Jack Mankin

Posted by: D () on Sun May 9 14:57:54 2004

>>>Rob, I did not ask for Jack's resume. I asked for Brian's. As far you go, I see you are mentioning your baseball background again. I thought it did not matter, but you keep bringing it up, but keep playing hide and seek. I don't care where you played anymore than you care where I played. I am interested in who has been taught and where are they at.If there are no success stories, what good is the information that you have?
> >
> > Doug<<<
> Who cares what my resume is Doug. I played ball for about 12 years. Had Jack undertaken his efforts earlier, it could have been a much different story. I have no regrets at all. I am happily engaged in a new career unrelated to baseball, though I enjoy BatSpeed.com and the discussions that occur here.
> The real question is what is your resume because you are the one espousing unfounded theories. Who did you teach from a young age that made it to the pros? Most pro batting coaches are none other than former pro hitters who retired and thereby gained the "stature" to become a "pro batting coach," regardless of their understanding of batting mechanics. Very few major league coaches have actually transformed a decent hitter from youth and made him into a great hitter. They work with player who have already made it to the pros. This is why many pro coaches believe that you have to "be a born hitter" because they do not know how to turn a fair hitter into a great hitter. That is not very impressive in my opinion nor are your arguments.
> ONCE AGAIN, if you believe that the information presented on this site is incorrect, then describe exactly where the batting mechanics taught on this site differ from the batting mechanics used by Barry Bonds or Sammy Sosa - two of the best hitters in the game.
> Letís put your baseless theory to the test, but you won't do it. Since you can't discuss the mechanics, you are left with ad hominem attacks on this site. Very weak on your part, but I'll expect more of the same because that is all I have seen from you so far.
> Brian
> BatSpeed.com
> PS. It appears that you also post frequently on Setpro, so do you discount everything Nyman writes because he did not play pro ball?

What baseless theory are you talking about Brian? No attacks on this site Brian.....you were the one who wanted to pick on me, and so far you have not given me any information on hitting at all. All you have done is bash the pros......even George Brett. Have you talked to George about hitting, or are you just so anti-pro ball that you presume that he does not know anything. You have still not given me an answer about Mays, Mantle and Ruth!!! why not? As far as Setpro goes, I have recieved some very good info over there.......why did you ask? When you talk about "most pro batting coaches", have you interviewed them and studied what they teach or are you just so anti-pro that you think none of them know anything compared to yourself? As far as turning a fair hitter into a great hitter, who is the fair hitter that you have turned into a great one Brian?



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