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Re: Re: More ABC's and axes for RQL

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Mon Oct 9 21:09:50 2000


Just a couple of commits on your statements.

>>> why does most not all but most power hitters hit below 300 each year.<<<

Although I certainly have nothing against power hitters, I do not think that rotational mechanics and top-hand-torque is only of value in hitting home runs. The objective of good batting mechanics is to hit the ball hard and hit it consistently. --- Setting the power numbers aside, I have no doubt batting averages of hitters using top-hand-torque is higher than those who do not. I would guess that the average for all major league players to be around 265. I am quite sure t-h-t hitters are well above that.

>>>I think boggs,gwynn,rose,cobb,carew got so many singles because they had a shorter swing to a contact point often further back and got to wait longer to see it longer and fooled less so more consistency with short game.<<< (contact point often further back)

Is it your opinion that the back arm of these hitters has less extension (or more "L" position) than rotational batters. I had always heard it was the extension of their arms that kept the bat in the contact zone longer. -- By what do you judge the shortness of the swing - length of hand travel? Or what

Jack Mankin


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