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Posted by: BHL (Knight1285@aol.com) on Sat May 15 10:49:54 2004

on another forum i frequent a thread has started about shortening up the swing or changing the swing on a two strike count...what kind of coach would suggest changing a swing because of pitch count? This "coach" suggesting shortening up striding less etc etc slapping or whatever it takes...and these shmooes teach our kids.Should a hitter EVER change his swing because of pitch count?
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> > There can be no concious effort to shorten the stride in the swing in my opinion. However there can be an effort to decrease the effort given to the swing and this will in fact, shorten up the stride. The swing when all parts are flowing is dynamic and the only thing that can change in a dynamic flow is the effort given to that flow and tempo. Think of it this way.......you have a 6-iron and need 170 yds to the green or you take that same club to lay short of the water in front of the green...130 yds. The tempo and rhythm of that swing would remain flowing, but the effort level would change. What your feet would be doing is of no consequence to the shot, but you would say you feel it. Many a big leaguer has articulated that they feel better in giving 70 to 80 percent in there swings, regardless of the strike situation. Then others talk about going to 70 to 80 percent with two strikes. Some hit at 100 percent all the time. Personally, I hit at 80 percent all the time, so I would never change the stroke with two strikes. I hope this makes sense.
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> > One last thought..........hitting is dynamic, there is no single piece that works seperate from the other, so concentrating on a specific part....hands, stride, etc, will only break down the flow of a good swing and create a mechanical stick figure. This is a huge problem in video analysis (IMO), people look for certain aspects, not understanding that what we really see in great atheletes is a body that is working from the inside out, then backside to front. Tempo, flow, graceful free flowing movements....that when one watches them it appears that everything is contributing to the action.....not one aspect. Most kids break down by not learning the arm action of the swing and how the body must be in a certain position for the arms to swing in a free-flowing motion.
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> > THT.CHP, scap loading, etc are all great observations and the folks that come up with those terms should be commended, but the application of those concepts by most ameteurs ends up putting the emphasis is one particular area, again destroying the flow. These concepts can not be manufactured, but they happen as a result of a good swing. This is why people suffer from wrist binds, lunging, dropping the shoulder, etc. I think the scientists are correct in there observations for the most part, but where they come up short in my book, is breaking it down piece by piece. It can not be learned in a timely manner that way and in most cases it will be understood incorrectly.
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> > This was way more information than you asked for, but I wanted you to be clear that 99.9 percent of hitting gurus give cues that emphasis one aspect and that is a warning sign to you. Some cues I like are "see your hit before you stride", "keep the body moving at all times" (not just the feet but everything), "swing smooth" etc, and yes, while it would seem contrary to my earlier statement I like to have them hit hard in practice to feel the whole body contributing.
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> > Good luck to you, but more importantly your kid!
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> > Coach C
> Coach C
> That was a well-stated commentary. A long time ago, you said you had a sure-fire, simple method of eliminating wrist binds. About that long ago, I asked Jack about it and he said he would consider the issue and post some advice on how to avoid them. He never did, so I was wondering if you would share your thoughts on the topic.
> Melvin

Hi Melvin,

In the "Final Arc II" instructional booklet, Mankin instructs the batter to rotate the top hand around the bottom hand into the correct swing plane.

Hope this helps,



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