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Front heel drop -BHL

Posted by: TC2 () on Thu May 20 04:39:54 2004

Site Moderators: I think this deserves a new thread as it was never addressed previously:

> > BHL- for the record you never, not ever addressed your idol Epstein's "de facto", absolute that the front heel drop initiates the hips...you know the one that I proved with your idol's own website was/is bunk? Is it possible that "for the record" there is finally something on this site you can't refute?
> ------------------
> Hi TC2,
> Although some individuals raise the heel higher than others, the heel drops initiates the swing. Yes, the hips can be turned without the heel-drop. But, then the hips will not lead the hands.

Nice try but I caught your slight deviation from your original post awhile back and the one I contested where you stated the front heel drop was a MUST in initiating the "HIPS." This time you ommitted hips and added "initiates the swing?" There is a difference, I could start a swing with no lower half at all, so I'll get you back on track on your original word.

You don't see the contradiction in what you wrote? Let me help.

If you agree hips can be turned (initiated, engaged, whatever)without dropping the front heel and for which Esptein's own poster student clearly demonstrated on his own website (home page Nick Amariti) and for which anyone could determine on their own, then what does raising a front heel higher have anything to do with hip initiating, which was your original "de facto/absolute" on this site?

Your presumption that it is impossible for the hips to lead the hands "without a heel drop" makes no sense? If, as you state, and we agree on, it is NOT necessary for a heel drop to initiate the hips then what possible role does the "heel drop" (not placement) play in keeping the hands back? Ans: NONE! And not because "I" said so...you fail to address the fact Epstein's studentin THAT video clip and polished swing he is promoting, that student has "NO" heel drop and therefore, his own student emphatically "says so". To borrow from your idol, I call that "teaching what we see".

Summary for the second time: Front heel drop is not an absolute in initiating hips whatsoever. Inward rotation of the back knee initiates the hips and can absolutely be done with no front heel assistance and that IS because I "see it and feel it".

Thanks for at least finally addressing the issue.



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