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Re: bat resting on upper arm

Posted by: The Hitting Guru () on Thu May 20 16:50:24 2004

Good evening,
> We're trying to use BHT only. My son, 13 yr old, rests the bat on his upper shoulder and swings from there, using rotational mechanics. He's hitting the ball consistently hard. The problem is he's not getting anything in the air. He's too big to be a ground ball/line drive hitter, any suggestions
> On how to get some fly balls once in a while.
> Thanks a lot

Have him practice releasing the top hand (see Ken Griffey Jr. & Manny Ramirez & George Brett). If done properly, this technique (lead arm extension) increases the angle of the swing (also reduces top hand dominance) as illustrated in Charlie Lau the Art of Hitting .300. He may have to step away from the plate to allow for the sweep affect of the principle. Good Luck!



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