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Re: Re: Question for Jack--Observation 1

Posted by: BHL (Knight1285@aol.com) on Thu Oct 19 15:27:49 2000

Dear Jack,
> > I have reviewed Sammy Sosa's swings in the freeze-frame mode on my VCR during my spare time this week. While he may exhibit pure rotational mechanics, I noticed that as he spins his hips, both legs are bent, and as both rotate around, it seems as if the right leg < and the left leg > come together as if they are forming a diamond <> to give a maximum velocity spin so the energy of both leg are expended at contact. Do you agree with my analysis, and why?
> >
> > Sincerely,
> > The Black Hole Lexicographer
> > Knight1285@aol.com bhl.....where have you been the last month? (hopefully not stuck in a black hole).....grc...

Dear GRC,
To be precise, I had a linguistic class to attend. Also, as a point of referrence, not every black hole is 100 percent inescapable...only those with time-like singularities. Read Jim Al-Khalili's new book on black holes to discover why (clue: the way a perfectly spherical singularity is formed, it will perpetually collapse, whereas a elliptical singularity will have a ring in the center which one may be able to enter, unharmed). Pardon my hypothetical reconstruction.



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