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Posted by: Yohan (lgtwins23@yahoo.com) on Sat Mar 22 17:44:30 2014

Hi Jack, I (who plays baseball) have question about BHT vs. THT. Even though I watch your videos through youtube, there is one thing that left me hanging. As I watch your Back Arm video and Lead Arm video, you've said "lead shoulder pulls the knob in that causes the bat to accelerate" from Back Arm video and "the lead elbow must maintain its angle all the way through contact" from Lead Arm video.

Well, here is the question:

Which torque should occurs/comes first? BHT (as the hitter pulls the knob in) or THT (rearward acceleration of top hand) to maximize the torque in the swing? or is it in unison?

If lead arm maintains its angle, is it conclusive to say that it is back arm dominant for its power?


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