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Re: Re: Re: Popping Up

Posted by: Tom Waz (sluggoking@msn.com) on Wed May 26 08:19:16 2004

i am swinging at pitches above the strike zone but they are the pitches i hit for line drives. I am mostly popping up pitches that are strikes. I am not swinging late and I'm actually swinging too early a lot. I am completing the inward turn and am holding my hands probably at ear height. I'm having this problem in BP as well as games.

It's hard for me to say without seeing your swing but make sure your back shoulder is not dropping excessively (I'm not talking about tilting - which is fine). You might also want to try lowering your hands down a little closer to your shoulder for a while. If you don't want to change your stance, I'd recommend a lot of tee work with various height adjustments. Does anyone else have any ideas? - Tom Waz


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