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Re: help

Posted by: dougdinger () on Thu May 27 16:55:29 2004

I am a college baseball player and this site is very interesting and seems like it could provide help to my power and overall hitting game. However, I am having a relatively difficult time understanding the concepts of THT and BHT and the other elements of rotational hitting. It seems to me that this would lead to my bat casting out more and "coming around the ball." Also, it seems that the back shoulder is dropping and creating an uppercut. I am probably completely wrong and would appreciate any clarifications in simple laymen's terms. Maybe some diagrams or pictures would help my understanding; because I am not following the wording to well. Thanks.
There are some diagrams and animations in the research section here. You shoulder dipping could be becuase you're keeping to much weight back. Try this: take your stance and stride. When your stride foot lands check to see if your back shoulder is higher than the front. That should help. Or try focusing on keeping the shoulders more level when you swing


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