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Re: FP Softball will work?

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Mon Oct 23 23:24:50 2000

>>>Hi Jack, Will this work for FP softball? My daughter is 8 and will be in her third year. This goes against everything I've ever read about for FP softball. Mark <<<

Hi Mark

I have been sent videos from a number of FP softball girls who have adapted to rotation mechanics. A couple of the older girls are the top hitters on there travel teams and are being scouted by some of the top colleges.

Linear (straight hand-path) or "knob to the ball" type of mechanics accelerate the bat length-wise for a good portion the swing. This means the batter needs a great deal of upper-body strength to "explode" the bat-head around at contact. With most younger boys and girls the bat-head will normally trail behind the hands through the contact zone.

Rotational mechanics is better suited for players with less size and strength. The forces that accelerate the bat-head, torque and rotational energy transfer (circular hand-path), are applied over the entire swing. --- I want the batter to think of swinging the bat-head rather than shoving the handle.

Jack Mankin


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