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Re: Re: Re: Question for RQL

Posted by: RQL () on Tue Oct 24 07:47:07 2000

rql....i would appreciate your thoughts on this one...maybe it's just an off-the-wall hunch that should be discarded but here goes........in your stance just turn and "throw" your hand at the ball (or better yet, at a punching bag!)....notice how physiogically natural it is for the hand to initially go out and away from the body..... (and also notice that you are "pushing" the hand toward the target).....now do the same thing except do it with the bottom arm.....notice that the natural thing that the arm wants do do is via the front elbow, bend & pull in toward the body....also notice that you are pulling, not pushing.....in my quest to resolve the problems we previously discussed i think the more understanding i have of the physiological factors, the better....your comments please.....respectfully, grc..... Grc,I believe you are talking about "but as you swing the bottom hand and elbow goes to the plane of the ball.So im a little confused, it seems like your top hand your describing with the swing and bottom hand and elbow is with prelaunch movements.Also throwing the hand at a punching bag [the top hand] is this like a swing or a left hook or do you mean an overhand punch.Sorry for misunderstanding.RQL sorry for the confusing post..... "the motion of the hands during the swing where the top hand punches forward and the bottom hand and elbow pulls toward the ball"....that's what i mean, i think........but........"when the back elbow raises the bottom elbow bends and pulls toward the body" ....i think i disagree with that...to the contrary the high elbow SEEMS to have the opposite effect: causing more circular hand path & less bending of the front elbow (which leads to linear)......throwing hand at punching bag, but with palm up/palm down (depending on which hand used)......i guess my whole point is this: top hand, more natural for hand to want to take a circular hand path....bottom hand, more natural for it to want to go linear....so, of course when bottom arm is the dominent arm you-know-what happens......respectfully, grc.... I now follow the movements of the hands your talking about and elbows and agree,but does the straightening of the bottom elbow cause linear ,maybe,I dont know,my problemsI believe stemmed from swinging inside out for life where the lead arm would control the swing longer and on top of it the lead arm was dominant. A double whammy against you for pulling.Increasing the strength of the top hand and maybe more important increasing the cue of the punching affect earlier of the top hand and the twisting of the hips and shoulders quick allowing that bat to come around.[Look away and react in] was my mental thought often when I hit,given the right situation at bat.It could be your right that the straightening of the bottom elbow may lead to linear movements I just never looked at it being the culprit.Keep me informed of formings.


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