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Re: Question for Jack-Observation 1

Posted by: () on Thu Oct 26 12:23:27 2000

"""""However most of the time my stride was pick it up and put it down a little forward.""""""
> >
> > I think the cue of picking up (rather than just step forward) is a key.
> >
> > There is a difference. Weight stays back a hair longer, the stride can start early and end later.
> >
> > Tim, good point ,actually I thought I was picking it up and putting it down but because I did'nt spread my stance out wider 1st, that is why I was going forward and still fought to stay back.I didnt learn this til spring training or my senior year could have been dramatically improved.

Tim and RQL -
I understand how staying back / picking up and putting the foot down vs. stepping helps deal with offspeed pitches.
With young kids, the no stride is not comfortable to them. They usually don't face change of speed, though they do get troulbed by pitchers who are just really slow. But they like the 'timing'. They like a 'start' to their swing. Most of them don't have the leg strength or awareness of using their leg strength to star the swing.
Any ideas on how to start younger kids the 'right' way?


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