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"hands inside the ball"

Posted by: grc () on Mon Oct 30 08:21:35 2000

jack...recently someone inquired at hitting.com as to what the term "hands inside the ball" meant....i responded that generally those who advocate this concept also advocate "knob straight to the ball", "hands straight to the ball", etc....i pointed out that the correct hand path is circular....i also rhetorically asked how one could NOT have their hands inside the ball (unless they were extremely casting)....otherwise they risked collision of the hands with the ball itself!!!!....for several days no one else commented.....then this morning i noticed that my post was deleted and replaced with this comment by dave huggens himself......he said "The term "staying inside the ball" refers to the path the hands take to the ball. The goal is to keep the barrel of the bat on the contact plane as long as possible.".......i would appreciate your comments as to the meaning of "hands inside the ball".....respectfully, grc......


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