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Re: Re: switch hitting

Posted by: Mike () on Mon Aug 9 08:40:05 2004

I was wondering if you guys could offer some advice for teaching young players (9-10) to hit from both sides of the plate. What is the best way to lay a good foundation from both sides and what is a good way to practice hitting from both sides in a normal practice? Thank you.
> The key to effective switch hitting is repetition. The hitter must become coordinated on his weaker side. The only way to become coordinated on the weaker side is to practice. I would also suggest that the hitter use his opposite hand to perform basic functions as well, such as picking up things, moving objects, carrying items, etc. The hitter in my opinion should take a few more practice swings from his opposite side in order to catch up to his dominant side. Pete Rose is the only player that I can remember who looked almost identical from both sides; so the stance and swing may vary a bit. Most switch hitters end up better from one side though. If I were to choose a side, I would choose the left side as most of the best hitters (batting title winners) are left handed. Good luck.

Another step to switch hitting you might want to consider would be having the kids get up the oppisite side of the plate and take tennis balls and throw them at the player. Not too hard but hard enought this will get them to learn to get out of the way of pitches.


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