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Re: Inside pitch

Posted by: John () on Sat Apr 19 08:55:53 2008

I will offer up a suggestion but it is relative to my post (hasn't been posted yet) on 'square contact'. If you can somehow teach a hitter to make 'square contact' based on the scientific law of reflection, you can eliminate any hitting problem associated with hitting the ball where it is pitched. However, you have to be able to understand the angles and then get the hitter to adjust to the locations of the ball. If should rotation is stopped on an inside pitch, that would indicate (to me) that the hitter did not recognize the pitch, the speed, and the location in time to get his hands and front shoulder out in front in time to make square contact. Also, if a hitter is 'crowding the plate', hitting the inside pitch will be much more difficult and it will almost always be hit foul if hit properly.


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