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Re: excellent point

Posted by: Teacherman () on Thu Aug 12 14:27:33 2004

the following comments were made by swingbuster........" SOme of this past discussion about THT, Pumping Hands , Tipping Bats ect have to do with different ways people have adapted to accomplish this unnatural move of the two big parts of the body moving in opposite directions as a ball is coming at you."......
> this is exactly why i scoff at those who try to teach (but in fact can only preach) "hips first"...when the mind says "swing" the first natural instinct is movement of the HANDS...afterall, it is the hands that hold the striking instrument.........yet most of us DO agree the hips need to start first, even though that is UNNATURAL AND DIFICULT/NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO TEACH/TRAIN....... the key is to find a technique in which the hips are forced to be ahead of the hips but without having to think about it!...and of course, we all know what that technique is......

Have you ever thrown a medicine ball?


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