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Re: How Hard Should We Swing?

Posted by: Shawn () on Mon Aug 23 18:47:17 2004

Supposing that a batter is using the right mechanics...
> Should a batter swing as hard as he can in order to be a powerful hitter? I've seen some major leaguers hit "bombs" that looks that they aren't even trying.
> How tight should we hold the bat? Does it help to keep our hands lose or not? I heard Arod said that you can slip the bat out of his hands when he's hitting.
> Regards,
> TZ


The only way to find out is to buy a bat radar. That way you can measure your effort level on your swing and receive bat speed readings.

This way you can play with what you think creates more batspeed by using your body differently. Trying to be more explosive, trying to be smooth, trying to swing hard, trying to be quicker, and see what happens through results of your batspeed.

Mechanics are one thing how we are using the muscles or a body is another thing. Mechanics are easy to teach, muscle sequencing and how the muscles are being used is hard to teach. Only through trail and error will find the best combination of effort level, quickness, batspeed, and whatever else we want to add.

The one thing about a ML player is they have been swining a bat a certain way forever. They make it look easy. It does take something out of them as we say Barry Bonds again saying he was to tired after the 1st round in the HR derby. They are being explosive, they are using their entire body, they just have perfected their swing to a level few will ever achieve.


P.S. I think swinging hard just creates a slow swing that feels powerful but is just muscled up action.


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