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Re: Top hand torque question

Posted by: () on Thu Nov 2 06:43:49 2000

I have seen the video "The Final Arc" and I found it informative. I do have one question:
> Is there any place that I can see a hitter applying top hand torque in a video clip? I think actually seeing it in action would help me in executing it.
> Thanks
> Paul P

Try this URL: http://www.setpro.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000479.html
It is a long one that has a number of clips. It is also very informative. IMO top hand torque is usually applied by the batter lifting the back elbow, then pulling down. The elbow drop forces the hand/fingers to pull the bat backward toward the catcher. You can see the bat blur in some clips as the back elbow accelerates down, an indication of the bathead speeding up.


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