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Re: Top hand torque question

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Thu Nov 2 09:22:23 2000

>>>I have seen the video "The Final Arc" and I found it informative. I do have one question:
Is there any place that I can see a hitter applying top hand torque in a video clip? I think actually seeing it in action would help me in executing it.<<<

Hi Paul

There are some clips on setpro.com. (one is mentioned in the post below) that should help. This is just one example of the great service Paul at setpro has done for all of us that study batting mechanics. For many years there has been taught a lot of misleading and counterproductive batting theories. Coaches and players are now finding that they can look at swing mechanics in frame-by-frame action and decide for themselves what mechanics the better hitters are using.

Top-hand-torque can best be viewed from behind the batter. It is most obvious with hitters that use "pre-launch torque." Those are batters that cock the bat-head more toward the pitcher and use top-hand-torque to accelerate the bat-head back toward the catcher before they initiate the swing (Barry Bonds and Gary Sheffield).

Jack Mankin


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