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Re: lead elbow to ball?

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatSpeed@aol.com) on Sat Sep 11 13:06:36 2004

>>> Didn't I read somewhere on here that you should take the lead elbow to the ball to get the bat on plane with the ball? At least at the start of the swing? Thanks RS <<<

Hi Rollinstone

I have never used the cue “take the lead-elbow to the ball” with rotational mechanics. I have stated that the lead-elbow should always be pointing into the plane of the swing during rotation. One of the problems with batting “cues” is that different hitters may have different interpretations of the same cue. Although other coaches may see it differently, I have never felt that “elbow to the ball” gives the proper mental image for rotational transfer mechanics. Many years ago when I taught linear mechanics, driving the elbow at the ball kept the hands in tight as they extended across the chest toward the pitcher. This kept the bat-head from casting out too soon.

However, you and other coaches may have a different impression of the cue. I would be interested in what “elbow to the ball” and “knob to the ball” means to you. -- Let us say the ball is about 15 feet in front of the plate as you initiate your swing. What do you think these cues imply you should do with the elbow, knob, hands, bat-head, etc. as you initiate your swing?

Jack Mankin


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