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Re: Re: When to apply THT

Posted by: Jim E. () on Tue Sep 14 04:53:37 2004

> >
> > I was hoping to read a response to TDS who had posed this similar question:
> >
> > "Do all great hitters wait to see the pitch before applying tht as hard and fast and controlled as they can while maintaining a smooth chp?"
> >
> > I too would like to know what you feel is the proper timing to initiate THT I.E. bring hands back to the catcher?
> >
> > Is it OK to start in your stance with THT and hands already back or do you recommend something different?
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> Personally I use more top hand torque unless the pitch is outside. I know some hitters who will use more or less top hand torque depending on if the pitch is a fastball, slider, etc.Don't ask me why, though, that's their personal thing.


Thanks, but you have provided me info on "where" or with "what" pitch rather than "when" to apply THT which is still my original post and unanswered question? I am trying to decipher the timing of the THT application.


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