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Re: Re: Hey Jack

Posted by: Bruce M (brumil2@hotmail.com) on Tue Sep 28 06:33:06 2004

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> Yes, I concur with your observation, much of Griffey Junior’s downhill slide was due to lack of applying sufficient THT during initiation. --- One of my favorite hobbies is studying changes in swing mechanics of the top hitters during prolonged batting slumps. One of the key indicators of a problem I look for is the amount of angular displacement of the bat during frames #1 and #2 following initiation. These frames show Griffey’s swing generates substantially less bat-head displacement during extended slumps than he generated when performing well.
> Jack Mankin
If you stand in the back of a pickup truck going 30 miles an hour and throw a ball at 80 wouldn't it then be going 110 (I'm not sure about that) but isn't that what you are saying about bat displacement. If you initiate bat motion before or at the same time as shoulder turn you are going to have a higher speed then just waiting until you are part way through shoulder turn.


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