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Re: Instructo swing/the ultimate batting tee

Posted by: Donny Buster (donnybstr@aol.com) on Wed Sep 29 05:05:08 2004

> i would like to know if your feelings have changed on the instructo swing training device?I am the inventor of this device,It now can be used for all swing planes.I would love to here your thoughts.I would love to clear up any misunderstandings of this training device.My experience as an instructor and exprofessional ball player gives me validity .Any questions concerning the instructo swing please call me at (513)616-3611 .I would love to here from anyone interested in this product, it is the best swing training device there is for developing the correct approach to the ball.The instructo swing is the ultimate batting tee for developing the proper approach for hitting .ERIK LASEKE INVENTOR!! (513)616-3611 Please call for product info
> Hello Eric,

You have a 1992 patent on this product and you lived in Fl at the time. I invented the StayBack Tee, Hands Back Hitter, and Bat Brain. You sold the patent or licensed to Did U Sports( Griffey International) that licensed it to Slugger a couple of years ago. Several changes have been made to the product, the most notable the ability to change the direction of the slope to an upper cut.

My question...as you invented the product there was probably not as much hype about rotational mechanics and Lau Theory hit down /rear elbow extention was in style as a teaching method. Is this true? The ads said" the all important top hand down approach to the ball used by Ken Griffey" I know they are ads but Ken Griffey doesn't swing top hand down based on slo-mo clips I watch.

The good news is I believe everybody swings down until the body tilts away and the orbit or body axis changes into ball contact, so with good instruction I can hit fine using it. With a stable axis, a negative tilt, and better arm action you do not have to extend your rear elbow if your hips lead. It is sad that Louisville Slugger and others cannot take a good picture showing proper swing mechanics. The powers in corporate sporting goods do not know one swing from another IMO. I have boo boo..ed in this area myself but got better images.

I am following your path somewhat and would love to talk to you. Good luck going forward. Do you any other products?


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